American Powertrain Announces Tunnel Hump For 60-72 Chevy C-10

Getting frustrated when installing your TKO or MAGNUM Pro-Fit kit for 60-72 C10, and unable to find a factory hump? They are nearly impossible to find and depending on how you are building your truck, transmission clearance can also be an issue with the factory steel humps. American Powertrain announces their new Tunnel Hump as the final missing piece. The fiberglass Tunnel Hump offers more room for fitment and is a cleaner install option than factory steel humps because the factory hole (that normally has to be blocked) was not incorporated into the American Powertrain design. With this piece, there will only be a hole where you place it for your shifter to fit through. Made in the USA, 100% gel coated fiberglass. Simply install with screws or bonding adhesive.

American Powertrain Announces Turnkey ProFit Transmission Systems for 1967-1979 Ford F-100 Pick-Ups

Because the Ford F-100 has followed other classic trucks with a huge surge in popularity as a muscle rod or pro-touring build, American Powertrain has introduced a turn-key ProFit transmission systems for 1967-79 F-100 pick-ups.

The kit features the rock solid TREMEC TKO 5-speed with one of our Revolution shifters that allows adjustment for bench or bucket seat shift positions. The kit comes complete with an X-Factor lightweight aluminum crossmember and poly mount, speedometer solution, DOM steel driveshaft assembly, reverse light wiring, engine specific pilot bearing and a 5-speed shift knob.

As with all of American Powertrain’s ProFit transmission installation systems, each component has been developed specifically for classic F-100 pickups and is covered by a comprehensive warranty and our Customer First tech support.  Systems are in stock and retail starting at $3395, including the transmission.